LOE75 ZM mounted on support channels.

NEW High Corrosion resistant LOE Cable Ladder

The economical and low weight cable ladder, LOE75, is now available in the corrosion resistant material ZM (Zinc-aluminium-magnesium) from our factory in Norway. ZM coated material has superior corrosion resistance compared to traditional hot dipped galvanization (HDG) and is more cost effective. It even has a self-healing effect, which provides protection to cut edges and perforations. One of many reasons why we recommend ZM material for environments up to C4 classification.

The LOE75 ZM is well suited for medium to light loads, such as instrumentation, data and telecom cables and cables with a bending radius less than 300mm. It can be used in a range of different application areas, such as onshore industry, transition pieces in the wind energy industry, offshore living quarters and any other installation in C3 and C4 environments. 

What are the benefits of the ZM material?

ZM is a pre-galvanized metallic coating, thus improving logistics and lead time by eliminating the challenges of the post-galvanizing process. ZM offers better anti-corrosion protection than standard specification hot-dip galvanized coatings. The manufacturing technique and the lower coating thickness of ZM (25 μm per side) result in reduced weight and improved COfootprint. 

Product functionality & details

  • Our first standard cable ladder in ZM
  • Can withstand long support spans up to 4 meters
  • Compatible with Oglaend System support systems
  • Compatible with Hilti MT support system
  • 1.0 mm side rails with perforations to fix equipment
  • 1.5 mm rungs
  • 75 mm height and 46 mm loading depth
  • Available in standard widths 200 mm to 600 mm

Product advantages

  • Lower cost than HDG
  • Lower weight than HDG
  • Better anti-corrosion protection than standard speci­fication HDG with a thinner coating thickness (25 μ)
  • Better surface finish than HDG
  • Improved CO2 footprint and logistics
  • Self-healing edges
  • Perfect fit for operating environments up to C3-C4
  • Especially suited for Ammonic, Chlorine and Alkaline rich environments.

Product overview

LOE75 Cable Ladders

LOE75 cable ladders
Article no.Product descriptionMaterial
1375401Cable Ladder LOE75 CL-CW-200-3000 ZMZM
1375402Cable Ladder LOE75 CL-CW-300-3000 ZMZM
1375403Cable Ladder LOE75 CL-CW-400-3000 ZMZM
1375404Cable Ladder LOE75 CL-CW-500-3000 ZMZM
1375405Cable Ladder LOE75 CL-CW-600-3000 ZMZM


Covers for LOE75 Cable Ladders

Covers LOE75
Article no.Product descriptionMaterial
1303252Cover LOE/SPB CO-CT-200-3000 ZMZM
1303253Cover LOE/SPB CO-CT-300-3000 ZMZM
1303254Cover LOE/SPB CO-CT-400-3000 ZMZM
1303255Cover LOE/SPB CO-CT-500-3000 ZMZM
1303256Cover LOE/SPB CO-CT-600-3000 ZMZM