Starter bracket for hollow concrete sections

New and innovative starter brackets for hollow concrete sections

Oglaend System is launching a brand-new product that reduces the construction time of builds using hollow concrete sections.

The starter bracket for concrete hollow section elements is a patent pending product, with no equivalent in the market.

When installing the hollow concrete sections, the brackets are inserted in from above and then cast in concrete during the sealing process. Following this simple and fast installation method, the starter brackets are ready for equipment to be installed.

Health and safety is improved greatly with the new work method the bracket provides. No overhead working, nor drilling is required, which in turn keeps the area free from dust and noise during construction and reconstruction.

By installing a grid of starter brackets you will have full flexibility regardless of whether you are installing piping, HVAC, sprinklers, cable support systems or other heavy components. The system can be completed by adding lighting and panelled ceiling. Later modifications or adding new equipment is not a complex task if you utilize our flexible solutions.

Each bracket has a load capacity of up to 1000 kg, depending on the limitations of the hollow concrete sections.

The starter brackets are suitable for all types of industrial and commercial buildings that use hollow concrete sections. 

Advantages of using the starter brackets

  • Load capacity 1000 kg
  • No dust or noise
  • Improves health and safety
  • A grid of starter brackets supporting all disiplines
  • Flexible for modifications


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