SPB-RF Flexi Elbow 0-90° with sidestep and cover.
SPB-RF Flexi Elbow 0-90°.

New Flexi Elbow SPB-RF 0-90°

Introducing the new Flexi Elbow for the SPB-RF Cable Tray System. The design of our SPB-RF Flexi Elbows has been updated in order to improve flexibility, ease of fitting and to standardize the design across the full range of cable tray heights and materials. The new flexi elbow can easily be installed from 0 to 90 degrees.

New cover fits all angles

The new flexi elbow is complemented with a new cover, adapted to the new design. The cover fits all heights and angles without bending or adjustment required.

Create side-steps

The new design opens possibility for sideways steps. You can now create flexible solutions with the help of just one fitting. Bend the flexi elbow to the desired angle to easily change the cable tray's horizontal direction.


Product Details

Product functionality

  • Easily adjustable angles from 0-90° without steps
  • The elbow can be easily formed by hand
  • The elbow holds its form without requiring extra bolting
  • Available in all AISI 316L & HDG in all heights
  • Constant radius - all bends with radius 75 mm inside
  • One part design irrespective of the size

Product Advantages

  • Easier to adjust and install than the previous version
  • Allows for side step adjustment
  • New cover to suit all angles and heights - no adjustment required
  • Easier to model in 3D software
  • Lower weight than the previous flexi bend