Instrument Stand

Solid Instrument Stand for offshore use

Our customers presented us with a challenge, to design an instrument stand solution that is strong, stable and can be employed in the harshest conditions.

Traditional pole type solutions are unstable, and often require extra equipment and bracing, which is costly and time-consuming to install, especially nearing the end of installation.

Oglaend System’s innovation team faced this challenge head on and the result is an instrument stand that can withstand vibrations, wind load and everything else the harsh offshore conditions can expose it to. What’s more, this “all-in-one” solution enables equipment to be fixed directly onto the instrumentation stand without adding any extra parts. 

Standardised design

The new design has a stable construction and consists only of three main parts: body, top plate and back plate. You can choose between two standard types designed for different usage:

Instrument stand OIS-OCT-1500 SS
Art. no.: 87395


Instrument Stand OIS-OCT-1300 SS
Art. no.: 87400

1500 mm: Intended for direct mounting of transmitters. 1300 mm: Intended to be used with weather house on top.


Access and routing possibilities

The flexible hole pattern makes it incredibly easy to route cables directly on the column’s three sides. The back panel may also be removed to access the inside for easier installation of equipment and cables. For routing from the side, a steel hinge near the base is simply bent to create both an aperture for cable, and an attachment splice for cable tray without any additional brackets required. Furthermore, it is possible to route also from beneath, as the stand is designed also with access from the base.


Design features

"All in one" design
Each instrument stand consists of only three main parts, which are assembled with M10 and M6 self-locking screws (included).

Flexible hole pattern
The flexible hole pattern eliminates the need for any extra brackets and simplifies logistics. Equipment can be installed directly to the stand column. Each side and the top can also be fitted with cable tray, both for safe routing of cable, and for tubing. In addition, Oglaend System’s ETIN™ tubing clamp solutions fit directly onto the body of the stand, significantly reducing parts and installation time.

Custom parts and accessories
The instrument stand is compatible with Øglænd System standard SPB cable tray ranges, ETIN™ tubing clamps and Tag plates. Where specialist requirements arise, we offer design and manufacturing of custom parts such as special brackets, weather house plates, transmitter brackets and similar to ensure your equipment can be correctly and safely supported.



  • Available in 1500 mm and 1300 mm heights
  • Produced in corrosion resistant AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Minimal parts: body, back plate and top plate
  • Includes Oglaend System A4 anti-vibration self-locking fasteners.
  • Flexible hole pattern
  • Compatible with many Oglaend System modular cable management parts including SPB cable trays, ETIN™ tubing clamps and UNO 41-3-P channel
  • Tag plates are easily and securely attached directly onto the body
  • Includes a dedicated version specifically for weather house support
  • Routing access from all sides including the base


  • Stable construction
  • Easy installation to structure
  • Direct installation of equipment and cabling
  • Routing possibilities both inside and outside and through the base
  • Compatible with transmitter brackets delivered by the most well-known transmitter providers