ZM systems

The future of C3/C4 environments: ZM material

In times with rapid material technology development, Oglaend System are proud to present systems in ZM quality. ZM represents the next leap in coating technology.

This coating consists of zinc, aluminium and magnesium, which offers far better corrosion resistance than traditional HDG coating, even with a thinner coating. ZM products can be used in the same environment as HDG products, but offer more benefits. Which is why it has become the preferred material for a growing number of products and systems.

ZM outperforms HDG

ZM is lighter, aesthetically superior and performs better than an HDG coating. The excellent corrosion protection makes ZM well-suited for corrosive environments up to C4 classification.

Even though ZM is regarded as a cutting-edge innovation, its properties are proven and well documented. The European norm EN 10346:2015, related to HDG products, now includes ZM coating. ZM has also been included in the ASTM A1046-17 American standard.

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The self-healing coating

ZM's behaviour in galvanic coupling is equivalent to zinc. Hence, ZM products can be used in contact with HDG products. This is further supported by extensive field tests performed by Oglaend System.

If the coating is damaged or cut, then the coating will migrate over and re-cover the exposed steel. Not only will choosing ZM reduce your total system's costs – it also heals itself.

Edges that heals itself

We recommend using ZM

Oglaend System recommend using ZM systems in environments such as onshore industries, in infrastructure projects, dry and ventilated offshore areas and in shipbuilding. Increase your competitiveness by choosing Oglaend System's ZM systems!

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