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Hilti products online

Fastening on steel with Hilti and Oglaend System

Together with Hilti, we have researched the best ways to combine our products to offer our customers the ultimate combination of flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance and convenience.

The result is a selected range of high-performance cold work solutions that are especially well suited for post paint late-stage modification and in-situ support for multi-discipline applications.

A brand-new site showcases solutions for multipurpose fastening, grating fastening and electrical connections where quality products from Oglaend System and Hilti are utilized. See more here.

Easy installation with threaded studs


Hilti’s threaded studs are highly corrosion resistant and offers protection up to C5 environments. The studs are designed for direct fastening to steel structures with painted surfaces without compromising the coating on structural steel. Thus, eliminating the need for any rework or repainting. Installation in tight spaces is not a challenge when using the cordless installation tools.

These corrosion resistant threaded studs are especially suitable for late-stage modification and in-situ support for multi-discipline applications, such as:

  • Instrumentation
  • Cable trays
  • Conduit runs
  • Signage
  • Cable ladders
  • Support channels
  • Lighting fixtures

S-BT and X-BT studs are both available in stainless steel suitable for highly corrosive environments (C5). A version of SB-T in HDG is also available, which is suitable for mildly corrosive environments (C3). The newly updated X-BT offers an increased load capacity compared to S-BT, thus making it ideal for support applications backed up by our pre-engineered X-BT solutions.

All the Hilti products featured on this new site are available from your regional Hilti sales organisation. Our customers in Norway can purchase these products directly from Øglænd System AS.