New HVAC Support Bracket

Recommended solution for both isolated and non-isolated HVAC ducting.


  • Support for square isolated and non-isolated HVAC ducting.
  • Brackets are supplied in pairs (left and right bracket) and fasteners are included. (M10x20 SS or M10x25 HDG)
  • Made to fit levasint coated cable ties. Use for example19 mm type Band-it AE-416/AE-436 and lock AE 456.
  • When deciding support spacing it must be considered that the ducting is supported by the limited area of the bracket.
  • The duct can be insulated from the support bracket by applying insulation tape on the contact areas.
  • Large size ducting (widths > 1m) should be put directly on the support and isolated along with the support. 

Brackets are supplied in pairs (left & right bracket including fasteners) 


  • Recommended solution for both isolated and non-isolated HVAC ducting.
  • The brackets fits all Mekano support channels.
  • Easy and fast installation using vibration proof self locking bolts.
  • Parts in stainless steel 316L can be recycled.