S-kroken kan henges i trapper, tak, vegg og andre steder hvor det er mulighet for oppheng.

Improve safety with temporary cable support

Tripping, slipping and falling are some of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. During the installation period there are many obstacles that could prove hazardous if not dealt with.

Cables are a major tripping hazard if they are left on the floor. We recommend suspending cables temporarily with our S-shaped hook or one of our innovative support magnets.  

There are currently copies of the Safety Hook in the market that are of poor quality, which tend to break before reaching their stated weight tolerances. Several leading oil companies in Norway have experienced issues with these copies, and they pose a serious safety hazard in the workplace.

The Safety Hooks that we offer are supplied from HMH Gruppen and are approved by DNV. These are preferred by most yards in Norway.

The traditional S-shaped hook is a simple and cost-effective solution that promotes good trade practice. When the installation work is completed you can reuse the same Safety Hooks on the next project.

Our Safety Hooks are available in size 6”, 9”, 12” and are made of non-conductive thermoplastic polyester. They are constructed to support a variety of cables, which is why we offer Safety Hooks with different safe working loads, ranging from 55kg to 190kg.

For areas where it is not possible or difficult to use Safety Hooks, we recommend using our Support Magnets instead. The strong magnet is easy to place and ensures that cables are safely suspended throughout the entire installation period. To further secure the cables you simply fasten them with a tie to the Support Magnet. Our recommended maximum load for the Support Magnet is 15kg.

Our temporary cable support products are particularly well suited for the oil & gas and shipbuilding industries but can be used in virtually any environment. By suspending cables in a tidy manner, you ensure that walkways, ladders, stairs and other structures are free from obstacles that could potentially cause accidents. These measures also ensure that cables do not short-circuit due to being damaged or exposed to moisture/water. That way, installation work can continue as scheduled.

Advantages of temporary cable support

  • Tidy workplace with floors free from cables and hoses (tripping hazard and obstacle for pallet trucks)
  • Avoid shortcircuit or damage to the cable
  • The work with installing cables permanently is easier (easy to move)
  • Improved HSE performance in the workplace and reduced claim filings
  • The Safety Hook and Support Magnet are both reusable, which saves cost when the same supports can be used on the next project.

Detailed product information

Safety Hook:

All Safety Hook are produced in a flame-retardant VO-material, which does not conduct electricity or heat, nor does it create sparks.

Available in three different sizes

12” = max load capacity is 190kg.

9” = max load capacity is 55 kg.

6” = max load capacity is 60kg.

Support Magnet:

We recommend a maximum load of 15kg. If placed on a vertical wall the support magnet can have a heavier load. Should the load become too heavy, then the magnet will simply slide down the wall. It will not cause a dangerous situation by dropping off the wall.

The support magnet consists of a strong neodymium magnet, which is covered with Santoprene rubber. The thread area is of stainless steel and the cable holder is made of POM plastic.