Electrical Outfitting for Shipbuilding

You’ve just put the final coat of paint on the structure, quality assurance has gone through and the installation is finalized. However, sooner or later, a requirement to support additional equipment or cables will occur. Our brand-new products for electrical outfitting on ships are designed for this exact scenario!

These products are quick and easy to install and do not require any welding. This makes for a cold work solution which is ideal for post-paint installations, rework after inspection or for modification work.

Comparing bolted solution vs. traditional welded solution:

Based on this time-lapse comparison, we clearly demonstrate that you can significantly reduce man hours by choosing a bolted solution. Therefore, we highly recommend using our Hilti fastening on steel technology when you find yourself in a situation where you need to support equipment and cables after the structure is painted. This prevents all the time-consuming work that follows from welding, such as grinding, priming and re-painting.

Please see a range of our products which are part of our cold work solution for electrical outfitting below.

Universal Z-bracket for various appliactions

The Z-Bracket with 13 mm holes is suitable for M10 bolts or Hilti M10 threaded studs for fastening on steel. These brackets are available in three heights (35 mm, 50 mm or 70 mm) and are suitable for various installations such as electrical outfitting, tubing- and piping installation. The brackets are supplied in convenient 3 m lengths for cutting to the required length. It is also possible to use the Z-brackets to make equipment plates by combining the brackets with SPBE20 cable trays, as shown in our video comparison. 

Product   Art. no. Material Weight
S-M ZB-35-3000 1375514 ZM 3.3 kg
S-M ZB-70-3000 1375515 ZM 8.7 kg
S-M ZB-35-3000 1375516 SS 3.3 kg
S-M ZB-50-3000 1300318 SS 4.3 kg
S-M ZB-70-3000 1375517 SS 8.7 kg


Light cable support brackets

These brackets enable you to make simple cable support post paint and without any hot work. Traditional welded angle irons are replaced by this bracket. When combined with our perforated cable support strips it is easy to do cable routing even around obstacles and when dealing with changes of direction. There are two different types available: Z-bracket and angle bracket for this purpose. To fix them to the wall we highly recommend Hilti M10 threaded studs for fastening on steel. The brackets are available in two different hole dimensions, 13 mm and 7 mm, which are suitable for M12 and M6 bolt applications respectively.

Product   Art. no. Material
FI-LW-7x35-25x3x3000 1375134 ZM
S-FI AB-BO-35X43 91468 ZM
S-FI ZB-BO 25X34 91466 ZM
FI-LW-7x55-30x5x3000 78173 AL
S-FI AB-BO 91469 AL
S-FI ZB-BO 91467 AL


Fastening on steel system (FoS)

The fastening on steel technology can be used for install support systems, brackets and other equipment. We recommend stainless steel (SS) studs of stainless steel for offshore applications. 

Threaded Stud 
S-BT-MR M10/15 SN 6 OGL

Art. no.: 2205156


Threaded Stud
X-BT-MR M10/15 SN 8 OGL

Art. no.: 2217525

M8 and M6 threaded studs are also available and can be used for special applications.